Change the Game with Instant and Automated Verification

Spending all your time and resources on manually performing background checks? We have got you covered. Our 100% Automated Verification Platform enables you to perform Instant and Quality checks across employers, candidates and business partners.
And what more? Everything is performed in real-time with the assurance of complete transparency and 100% accuracy throughout the process. You can have a bird’s eye view and keep track of all the verification data on a Central Dashboard.
Premier Consultancy’s robust myBCD platform can help you scale, by dramatically reducing your cost incurred, through the process of manual checking.

Why Choose Premier Consultancy?

A unit of Premier Shield Group (incorporated in 1976), Premier Consultancy & Investigation is India’s leading “Risk Management & Advisory Enterprise” providing a wide range of specialized strategic business solutions to mitigate losses and maximize profits.
Premier Consultancy & Investigation conducts intelligent background verification checks which helps the recruiting firms to streamline their hiring processes and reduce their manual paperwork.
With Premier Consultancy & Investigation (PCIL), you will get access to the Hybrid Model of the operational and delivery process. Combining the power of our tech-enabled and intelligent automation platform, myBCD and 16+ years of on-field verifications experience, you are assured to get high-quality verification services.

NASSCOM, NSR Empanelled ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.
PAN India Services.
45+ Years of Experience.

Are You Ready To Take Your Background Verification Process to The Next Level?

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Advanced Features to Revolutionize Your Verification Process

Centralized Dashboard

Get a real-time view of all your verification data and track the status of your applications on our integrated dashboard. Furthermore, get daily email updates on the summary of activities, conducted each day.

Instant Checks

Serves as a holistic background verification system that checks, every detail of the identification and provides an instant detailed report.

End to End Automation

Simplify the employee background check process with the help of our intelligent automated platform like myBCD. You can view the status of your ongoing verifications and can view/ download the report on the platform.

Data Security & Repository

Mitigate the issues of data leakage and share information responsibly with our advanced platform. Get access to past candidate data at any point in time from our huge data repository.

Automated Reports

Generate pre and post verification reports at your convenience with the help of our automated reporting feature. Now you don’t have to approach other stakeholders every time you need a report.


The ‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) feature helps in filling up employee data faster. As an HR, you just need to track and approve the candidate digitally to get the results online.

Hiring Process Made Seamless and Easy

Solve all your hiring worries with our value-driven benefits:

Faster Turnaround Time

Save hiring time by 30% to 40% with our robust automated verification process. What used to take months, now only is a matter of a few minutes - myBCD cuts down silos and lengthy verification processes.

Achieve Accuracy & Quality

myBCD targets SLA’s and helps in tracking and ensuring 99.99% accuracy and data quality. Eliminates the chances of human error with automation of the verification process.


Using the instant verifications feature in myBCD, can help you save a huge cost on Manual, Global ID checks; for multiple candidates at all levels.

You Are In Good Hands

We have provided timely, high-quality and result-oriented services for some of the top brands from across the globe.